1. Medium 2x benjamin dell

    Benjamin Dell

    Founder of Updatey

    Watch interview
  2. Medium 2x tom moor

    Tom Moor

    Co-founder of Sqwiggle

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  3. Medium 2x ghost

    John O'Nolan

    Founder of Ghost

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  4. Medium 2x astrskpr

    Elliot Tomaeno

    Founder of Astrsk

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  5. Medium 2x close io

    Steli Efti

    Co-founder of Close.io

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  6. Medium 2x nikhil

    Nikhil Goel

    Co-founder of Bitcast

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  7. Medium 2x adii pienaar

    Adii Pienaar

    Co-founder of PublicBeta / WooThemes

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  8. Medium 2x todd garland

    Todd Garland

    Founder of BuySellAds

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  9. Medium 2x zlatan menkovic

    Zlatan Menkovic

    Co-founder of PeerReach

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  10. Medium 2x james mulvany

    James Mulvany

    Founder of CDNify

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  11. Medium 2x micha benoliel

    Micha Benoliel

    Co-founder of Open Garden

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  12. Medium 2x byron morgan

    Byron Morgan

    Founder of Vinylmint

    Watch interview
  13. Medium 2x michael sacca and alex rolek

    Michael Sacca & Alex Rolek

    Founders of Tiny Factory

    Watch interview
  14. Medium 2x amit chatterjee

    Amit Chatterjee

    Co-founder of Leap Commerce

    Watch interview
  15. Medium 2x derek kean and matt berkland

    Derek Kean & Matt Berkland

    Founders of Truckily

    Watch interview
  16. Medium 2x ivan lim

    Ivan Lim

    Founder of Vinspi

    Watch interview
  17. Medium 2x colin brown

    Colin Brown


    Watch interview
  18. Medium 2x derek flanzraich

    Derek Flanzraich

    Founder & CEO of Greatist

    Watch interview
  19. Medium 2x mike harris

    Mike Harris

    CEO of Zonoff

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  20. Medium 2x andi gillentine

    Andi Gillentine

    Co-founder of Whit.li

    Watch interview
  21. Medium 2x david semerad

    David Semerad

    Founder of The Game

    Watch interview
  22. Medium 2x kaustuv debiswas

    Kaustuv DeBiswas

    Co-founder of Sunglass

    Watch interview
  23. Medium 2x will mayo

    Will Mayo

    Founder of SpokenLayer

    Watch interview
  24. Medium 2x jd stettin

    JD Stettin

    Co-founder of Klik

    Watch interview
  25. Medium 2x oran bendelstein

    Oran Bendelstein

    Nameless Threads

    Watch interview
  26. Medium 2x vamshi mokshagundam

    Vamshi Mokshagundam

    Co-founder of Credii

    Watch interview
  27. Medium 2x eric dubs

    Eric Dubs

    Founder & CEO of Bedphones

    Watch interview
  28. Medium 2x swaroop hegde

    Swaroop Hegde

    Founder & CEO of Atticous

    Watch interview
  29. Medium 2x ryan duffy

    Ryan Duffy

    Lead Designer at InVision

    Watch interview
  30. Medium 2x asher adelman

    Asher Adelman

    Co-founder of Tokkster

    Watch interview
  31. Medium 2x melissa kare

    Melissa Kare

    Business Developer at Dateini

    Watch interview
  32. Medium 2x moti cohen

    Moti Cohen

    Founder & CEO of Qmerce

    Watch interview
  33. Medium 2x joel schwartz

    Joel Schwartz

    Founder of Parlor

    Watch interview
  34. Medium 2x brian moyer

    Brian Moyer

    Co-founder of Twake

    Watch interview
  35. Medium 2x dave knox

    Dave Knox

    Co-founder of the Brandery

    Watch interview
  36. Medium 2x diesel laws

    Diesel Laws

    Co-founder of Barkles

    Watch interview
  37. Medium 2x ari winkleman

    Ari Winkleman

    Founder of Involvio

    Watch interview
  38. Medium 2x clark valberg

    Clark Valberg

    Co-founder of InVision

    Watch interview
  39. Medium 2x john perkins

    John Perkins

    Founder of SeenTh.at

    Watch interview
  40. Medium 2x andrea lorini

    Andrea Lorini

    Founder of iWanado

    Watch interview
  41. Medium 2x lenny rachitsky

    Lenny Rachitsky

    Founder of Localmind

    Read interview
  42. Medium 2x joseph ansanelli

    Joseph Ansanelli

    Co-Founder of ZangZing

    Read interview
  43. Medium 2x george aspland

    George Aspland

    Co-founder of Favors

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  44. Medium 2x steffany boldrini

    Steffany Boldrini

    Founder of Ecobold

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  45. Medium 2x nancy chan

    Nancy Chan

    Co-founder of MojoMapp

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  46. Medium 2x himani amoli

    Himani Amoli

    Founder of Micromobs

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  47. Medium 2x renato valdes olmos

    Renato Valdés Olmos

    Founder & CEO of E

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  48. Medium 2x ben yoskovitz

    Ben Yoskovitz

    Founding Partner at Year One Labs

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  49. Medium 2x tom williams

    Tom Williams

    Founder at themostlist

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  50. Medium 2x ales spetic

    Ales Spetic

    Co-founder and CEO of DeckReport

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  51. Medium 2x yaron samid

    Yaron Samid

    Founder of BillGuard

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  52. Medium 2x ryan panchadsaram

    Ryan Panchadsaram

    Co-founder of Funnel

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  53. Medium 2x viktor engborg

    Viktor Engborg

    Co-founder of Globified

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  54. Medium 2x rob morgan

    Rob Morgan

    Founder of EDM.DJ

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  55. Medium 2x sebastien arbogast

    Sebastien Arbogast

    Founder of Kodesk

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  56. Medium 2x nicolae rusan

    Nicolae Rusan

    Co-founder of The Shared Web

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  57. Medium 2x davy kestens

    Davy Kestens

    Founder of GhostBloggers

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  58. Medium 2x madeline puckette

    Madeline Puckette

    Chief Creative Officer at Pungle

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  59. Medium 2x mateusz cyrankiewicz

    Mateusz Cyrankiewicz

    Co-founder of Dropr

    Read interview
  60. Medium 2x martin may

    Martin May

    Co-founder of Forkly

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  61. Medium 2x zach sil

    Zach Sil

    Co-founder of Postify

    Read interview
  62. Medium 2x dave jafari

    Dave Jafari

    Founder of Sparkmuse

    Read interview

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