Davy Kestens

Founder of GhostBloggers

Today we take a look at Davy Kestens' startup GhostBloggers. A marketplace that brings together blog owners looking for unique content and allows writers to write about their interests. (Interview by Didier Vermeiren)

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Davy Kestens, I work in different yet very exciting online endeavors that I’m very passionate about.

For as long as I can remember, I have been working with computers and the internet. At the age of 13, I won a local web-design competition which got me in the national newspapers. This was a real boost to my self-confidence and paved the way for my future online life.

At 16, I started creating websites for some local companies. After I finished high school in 2008, I received an amazing opportunity to work as a creative director. (A rather fancy title for such a young boy) Soon enough, I realized that the fancy title was just a title! So, one and a half year later, I quit my job at the company and went to college to have spare time to start up businesses. The 9-to-5 life just isn't cut out for me.

Is this your first project?

No, I launched a few test-projects along the way and I also created a professional running blog (runaddicts.net) little over a year ago, which has been growing steadily ever since.

What can you share about the project? What is it and who is it for?

GhostBloggers will be an online marketplace where blog owners can buy unique niche content and allow ghost writers to earn money while writing about any possible niche topic they love.

Basically: Revolutionizing the online publishing business.

What made you start this project? When did you start?

Well, just like a lot of blog owners these days, after running RunAddicts for a few months, I noticed that if I wanted to get more visitors, higher ranking in google, grow faster, etc…, I needed to publish more unique content, more frequent.

However, it's hard to do so with a small team and thus you'll need multiple writers. Many bloggers on the Internet already do this, just like I did, but it brings along a big amount of problems:

  • It takes a decent amount time for a writer to finish articles on demand
  • Multiple writers means multiple rates, multiple invoices, multiple people to manage
  • You still have to come up with content topics, recruit writers, …

Half a year ago, I decided to come up with a system that would solve these problems by enabling me to buy unique content at 1 spot, about any possible topic and streamline a long process of days into one that can be done in only a few minutes.

On the other side of the equation, writers will be able to write about topics they like, thus write faster and build up a nice profile of reviews. They will basically be able to say goodbye to marketing and looking for clients, because the clients will start looking for their articles on the system.

Do you have a co-founder? If not: How do you cope - do you get feedback/mentoring from peers/friends/advisors?

I do not have a co-founder, however I do receive a great amount of support from numerous successful and established entrepreneurs. I'm working together with a number of advisory boards and mentors, plus I'm an avid networker :)

Also, asking questions on LinkedIn, westartup.eu and other entrepreneur-messageboards has helped me a lot along the way!

Do you have some secret sauce to get enough content providers publishing the right content for your audience? How will you get the needed market dynamics?

One side of GhostBloggers will be the content market, where writers will determine the available content and write about the topics they truly dig. There will be a second side of GhostBloggers where publishers/buyers will be able to declare they are looking for specific topics so that writers will have an idea what the demand of the market is.

Here's the magic sauce: I'm setting up a semi-AI system that will automatically inform writers about topic requests relevant to their experience and inform publishers about new content available for purchase, relevant to their preferred topics.

When will you launch?

Somewhere in February :)

Can't wait! Thanks for sharing your story Davy.

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