The weight-loss tracker for your meeting schedule


The weight-loss tracker for your meeting schedule

MetaMeet is a software that visualises your calendar to help you and your team reduce time spent in meetings.

It works like a weight-loss tracker. It looks at how fat your current meeting schedule is (e.g. 13h / week) and lets you set a goal to reduce it (e.g. to 9h / week). It observes the trends, sends you a weekly summary, have you rate the productivity of meetings and share results with your team. It is ideal for teams that want to reduce time in meetings by 10-50%, to have more time for more fun, creative and productive activities.

Hi, I'm the creator of this app!

I want to find a real cure for the meeting madness - and not just a tool to make scheduling easier or reduce clicks.

It seems to me the ones who need it the most are product managers or technical team leads who have a lot of meetings, and are also responsible for the output of their team.

It seems overwhelming not only to manage your own time, but also help people in your team responsible manage the requests for their time while being able to do productive work.

If that somewhat describes you, I would love to work with you!

Please sign up and let me know your feedback and let's have a conversation what else I can do to make your work life easier!

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