Set up a Knowledge Base in just a few minutes


Set up a Knowledge Base in just a few minutes

Helpman is a smart knowledge base/help center reducing workload for founders and Customer Support teams. It provides key data to know quickly about missing topics.

We aim to provide features that will help the team to have an up-to-date and nice-to-read knowledge base. On the other hand, we aim to provide data about what your users are looking for (and tell you if they don't find what they are looking for).

Hello everyone,

It's been a few weeks I'm working in the batcave on the upcoming Helpman app. I'm so happy to see request invites coming right in my inbox! Seems like I'm not alone on this planet :)

This is the beginning of a story that - fingers crossed! - will change my life but also change the life of Customer Support teams and even final users' life. I'll share my vision later on our Medium (https://medium.com/helpman), but basically I really hope that this new self-help tool will change the way people think about what a knowledge base can do.

But for now, what I will really need in the coming weeks will be feedback, feedback... and feedback again. Whatever you think about Helpman, please let me know here, via Twitter (@helpmanapp) or by email to [email protected]

Thanks for reading :)

Have a great night/day,

Looks like a clean tool for creating Knowledge Bases. I requested an invite.

@ImpressTheNet Thanks Doug, that's right: I want it clean. I'll be happy to have your feedback when you'll discover Helpman (probably before August 15, taking some time with the kids on holiday right now ☀️).
Thanks @helpmanapp. Looking forward to it.

Enjoy your holiday in the meantime!
@ImpressTheNet Hi Doug! Helpman now includes a Theme Editor. The knowledge base is fully customizable 👍 Let me know by email at [email protected] if you would like a demo of this specific feature.

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