User-centric analytics & growth triggers, driven by micro-surveys

Gotcha helps you get a front-row ticket to your users’ mind. We invented a whole new way to get answers from your users with our patent-pending, embeddable, micro-surveys.

We gather a lot of info on your users by answers they provide and by analyzing their usage patterns and trigger automated pop-ups, lead forms, coupons and videos based on users’ behavior and personality. You set triggers by if-this-then-that rules to drive monetization and growth to your product, store or website.

Closed beta only for BetaList, after you click sign-up BetaListers will need to enter the beta code betalist-rocks (all lowercased)

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Thanks betalist! hope you guys love our new product. Check out our video here:
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Amazing product!! Gonna save our dev team a lot of time in marketing tasks :))
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Really cool stuff you got there! Good luck :)

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