The ultimate social marketplace for your inner geek

Cosmunity provides a complete ecosystem which combines social, transactional, media and event based interactions all in one. Cosmunity has created a mobile and web app that allows users to interact socially as well as complete numerous transactions just as they would at any convention. With a comic book themed look and feel, Cosmunity provides a reason for the entire Geek fan base to interact, transact, and discover new events daily.

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Attending conventions of all kinds (comics, gaming, anime.. etc) is an integral part of the overall pop and geek-culture experience. With a comic-book look and feel, we built Cosmunity to connect every fan of geek culture even after those conventions are over. By giving our users the ability to sell goods, discover real-world events and show off their latest and greatest photos and videos, Cosmunity offers all the features and services pop-culture fans are searching for in one platform designed specifically for them.
- COO & Co-Founder

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