The project management tool for software development teams


The project management tool for software development teams

Zepel.io is the project management tool with all the power you need to manage backlog, collaborate, and ship features on time. With none of the clutter.

Hey BetaList community! I'm a marketer at Zepel. The team and I are delighted to open up our project management tool to this community.

Now I know you must be wondering why another project management tool...

On one hand, we have tools like Trello and Asana that are can do project management, but they lack a lot of power and flexibility that product teams really need to manage their backlogs and ship features. On the other hand, we have JIRA, which offers a ton of functionality but is too cumbersome to use every day. Most people will agree that it adds unnecessary overhead that they can live without.

With Zepel, our focus is to give teams all the power and functionality they need to manage their backlog, see who's doing what, and ship features with none of the clutter. After all, you should be spending time building great products. Not figuring out clunky tools.

Our early users have been super happy with what the progress they've seen with one of them saying:

"Every tool that I have used so far to organize my projects and tasks has had some amount of learning curve and that has almost always dissuaded me from switching to an online tools from the good ol' pen and paper. Zepel has had me spending more time thinking and planning my tasks rather than learning up the product."

Shoot us your questions here or from within the app. I'd be happy to answer them and help you get the most bang out of Zepel. :)

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