The integration & automation tool that loves source code


The integration & automation tool that loves source code

YepCode is a Saas platform that allows the development, execution and monitoring of automation and data integrations, but seeking a highly agile approach by working directly with source code.

Add the JavaScript code for your processes in our IDE using just a web browser, and run them directly in our cloud. No servers provisioning, deployments or dependencies management, as YepCode comes out of the box with a complete set of services and Saas to be integrated with.

Hi there!

This is Marcos, one of the founders of YepCode (and a proud software craftsman 🤓).

A one-sentence pitch for YepCode could be "the zapier for developers".

We are big fans of NoCode tools, and we have an on-premise installation of n8n widely used, but when we need to do some complex integration (or not very complex, as to do a simple loop in zapier may be a nightmare), we finally have to create a project from scratch and deploying it on Heroku.

We were pretty sure that something more agile could be done!

So we created YepCode with an extensible and easiest (but powerful) approach, allowing to interact with the more interesting services and Saas in the software development industry.

Some examples of how our clients are using the tool could be:

* ETLs processes to incrementally move data from Google BigQuery to Snowflake
* Creation of automated reports that retrieve information from a couple of REST and GraphQL APIs and leave the results in Airtable
* Ensure the proper functioning of backup systems by performing checks on Google Storage
* Web page scrapping processes that integrate the results in a MongoDB database
* Periodic cryptocurrency purchase processes in different exchanges

These, and many more use cases are needed every day in lots of companies, so we are making efforts to present this kind of problem for people to understand how they can use YepCode.

Another great effort we are doing is to build an enterprise-ready product, that could be welcomed by company directors, as we think that YepCode may fit in IT and Operations departments of big corporations allowing them to solve problems with an agile approach.

Don't hesitate to give us a try or contact us if you need more information!

Happy coding 🧑‍💻

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