Flexible, distraction-free and powerful productivity tool

Whubi is a productivity tool powered by psychology, technology and design. No more struggling with lists management, use your keyboard or a mouse to navigate around and manage the whole lists with a few clicks or key presses. You can also take notes for your tasks using Markdown, group related things together, make sub-tasks, move things them around. Define your own workflow, focus on what's important for you now with a customizable dashboard.

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Hi, Igor here, ready for AMA (ask me anything). I'd be happy to answer your questions
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@kuzzmi love what I see on betalist - and I love todo lists :-) so how exciting to see a cool app from Switzerland! Greetings from Zurich to you!!
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@d_matthews Thank you for the kind words!
I'm also a huge fan of todo lists, until it comes to managing the actual lists, the most ungrateful part of personal task management. This is why Whubi was created :)
And greetings from Basel!
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Love it! About time, a simple productivity tool.

I have tried more or less ALL of them, Wunderlist, OmniFocus, Todoist, you name it. All of them fall into the same huge failure: they're too complicated.

Every time, as much as I'd love to have a pretty to do list, I just end up going back to good old pen and paper.

From what I can see Whubi looks on track to fill that gap with an easy service to use, set up and integrate into daily life. Great going! Keep me updated :-)
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@phatjme Hey Jamie! I'm happy to hear that!

You've mentioned some of our main focuses here: simplicity, ease of use, and clean look. The old-good-pen-and-paper way has all three points, this is why it's so tempting to go back to it. At least that was the case before Whubi :)

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