Make your remote teamwork feel like face-to-face

visavis helps teams to overcome the personal disconnect while working from home. Similar to being at the office, it enables teammates to see each other for parts of their working day. This way, it fosters personal exchange and brings back a more natural and spontaneous communication.

Imagine visavis as a video bar that sits at the side of your screen and shows live video from your close teammates. When you want to communicate, you just look across, click once to add audio, and start talking. You can add screenshare when needed. The result is a more natural communication that can happen anytime – on impulse – without a planned meeting.

We are currently offering a first version of our app to early adopters that are curious to try a new way of remote collaboration. Participation is free - it's your feedback that makes us tick and enables us to continuously evolve the visavis experience.

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