Team contact list & CRM for Gmail, Outlook & Slack 100% up-to-date with AI


Team contact list & CRM for Gmail, Outlook & Slack 100% up-to-date with AI

AntEater is the best way for teams on Gmail, Outlook and Slack to keep track of activity with your team, prospects, customers & partners - an AI-powered team contact list & CRM.

You don't need to enter any data - AntEater replaces data-entry with Artificial Intelligence to: - Keep all interactions up-to date and current - Boost your team's efficiency with a 100% view of what's going on. How does it help? - Close deals faster with new connections and introductions. “Who do we know at these companies?” - Find new companies to do business with in seconds. “What are similar companies to this customer?” - Find people & activity "When did someone last contact [email protected]?"

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@anttinder We love you too. See you in April!
We've actually built an exhaustive intelligence map of our company in one click. Simply amazing.
@VoxCollector Thanks! We're so happy to have you on the platform
Hey everyone!

AntEater helps manage email activity with your team, prospects, customers & partners from Gmail & Outlook. It's perfect for small businesses, startups and teams that are growing who want to use relationship intelligence to boost their day. Because team work is less work :-) and it works with Slack too.

It's like Hubspot+Crunchbase+LinkedIn with AI - and it takes just 30 seconds to try for free.

Oh, and we're also offering a 40% discount for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Happy American Thanksgiving! We're in Canada and will send you a virtual goose turkey (or cobra chicken) if you check it out.
AntEater is the best! This is a great deal.
@dsparksguest Thanks Denver, appreciate your enthusiasm! Yeah, we think it's too good of a deal, so we're going to extend it until Cyber Monday :-)

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