Simple search tracking software for competitive webmasters


Simple search tracking software for competitive webmasters

TrackYourPosition scans Google for a keyword you choose, finds the top 100 websites (including all your competitors) ranking for that keyword and then let you track their positions every hour.

The tool was originally a project our agency (Rankingpress) built in-house to track our client and affiliate websites but we decided to open it up for everyone. We've taken the time to make sure our tool is hilariously simple to use and allow anyone to find the answers that are actually important to them.

For people new to SEO, especially startups, could you share what's benefit of tracking your position within Google and how you'd use that information?
@marckohlbrugge sure!

There are three reasons to take the time to track your position:

1) See the impact of the changes you make to your site for the keywords you're ranking for in Google. You don't want to be making those changes blind, especially if a change pushing you down the rankings.

2) Track the competitors in your industry and see _why_ people are ranking where they are. To help with this we show the domain authority, page authority and inbound links for pages which helps to paint a pretty picture of why sites are where they are.

3) Gain a deeper understanding of your market and niche. Regularly tracking keywords gives you some pretty rad insights on what's going on in your market.

For startups, organic search can be one hell of a way to grow your business if you understand how to do it right. It pays to have good tracking software and research tools to help along the way :)
Great idea!
Just checked the video on the landing site. The video is great, but background music just distracts from listening to you.
@anorsich totally right, I'll update it when my wifi gets a little faster.
Iterating what @anorsich said, it'd be good to see a quick demo of what's inside before signing up for it
@sampathspeaks some more great feedback Sampath, will be redoing the video after the next version gets pushed up (this weekend).

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