AI powered management platform with automatic insights from your team


AI powered management platform with automatic insights from your team

Tonkean automates the tracking & monitoring of critical business data. Our A.I. Bot proactively seeks out updates from teams, and organizes it into one dashboard along with key data from the tools you use. By connecting key data with the context only your team can provide, Tonkean ends micromanagement and enables teams to focus on doing great work.

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Tonkean came to us in a moment of inspiration. After years of leading large-scale projects and teams using the most common and powerful management tools, we realized that they were all missing the same thing - context. There was no simple, automatic way to gather both the key data and the human insight we needed to ensure projects were (actually) running smoothly.

There’s this disconnect in the business world. There are tools teams use every day to do their work - think Salesforce and Jira. And, there are the high-level dashboards and reports managers use to track and manage goals. And, then there’s the stuff that only sits inside people’s heads and notebooks - the context. Each lives in its own universe, and are used among different teams and discrete processes. We end up spending a lot of time manually chasing information to make sense of what is going on: digging through emails, maintaining spreadsheets, and having meetings… and more meetings!

Tonkean fixes that. It connects the dots between people and data, automates the process around it, and puts everything in one place. By doing this, Managers are able to make smarter decisions and take quicker action without needing to micromanage.

These are some of my favorite parts:
- No new process needed. Team interactions happen within Slack or email.
- No need to replace my current stack. We integrate with 1000+ tools.
- No structural limitations. As flexible as documents or spreadsheets, but without the pain of keeping them updated.
- It’s smart. It knows to alert me and remembers to follow up with the team - even if I forget.
- It has everything I (personally) care about all in one place.

And, the best thing? No more nagging. No more missed deadlines.

Have a look and let us know what you think. I’m here to answer any questions!
We look forward to your feedback. 🙂
I’ve been using Tonkean daily for the the past 6 months, and I am addicted. As we all know, it’s very rare to find a product that makes you stop and be like “This is awesome. Where has this been all my life!?”. As a product marketing manager I work very cross-functionally and have always struggled with where and how to track and organize all the different things I work on. I’ve tried lots of task management, project management, and collaboration tools, but always ended up back in sticky notes, docs, spreadsheet, and calendar reminders to follow up. Tonkean changed this. While docs and spreadsheets are still useful for somethings of course, I now manage everything in Tonkean — my “worklist” of projects and action items, 1-1s with my boss, cross-functional campaigns, and success of key customers I’m working with. Tonkean allows me to pull in data from all different sources (which used to be manual) so I have a view of the key metrics I care about. It also automatically gathers the status of items at the right time from the relevant owner, and provides visibility of all updates and changes in Slack or via email. Oh! And did I mention it reminds me of things I wrote down but may have forgotten about? I could go on and on, but moral of the story is: get it, play with it, and I promise you’ll love it!

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