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Where work starts

Tixio - Where work starts! Organize your online bookmarks/tools and information. Synchronize and standardize your information with your team.

Hello world. I would love some feedback on Tixio. And what features you would like in 2018.☺️ As you can see we have a lot of work to do. But i blive Tixio is very usable by now. Love to hear form you!
I have tried this and it really gives a good overview on my different sites and apps.. love it
Signup process is very easy. Dashboard is clean. I would have the following suggestions for possibilities down the road:

1. Partner with these sites to offer a discount to your users. This will provide an affiliate revenue stream for your company, and provide a value for your users.

2. This one may be a longer pursuit, but having Trello for example as my project management software, I wouldn't need other links, but maybe Trello embedded in your site after signing in, so I don't have to leave your dashboard. This repeated with all of your partners gives a place for your consumer to view all of their SaaS platforms in one place.

3. What is the difference between free, and standard (which is seen as free +) for pricing?

4. I see that your bookmarks are based more around operational structure. I can see my team using this most for R&D, where we break down each grouping by themes. Maybe having a "similar sites" feature to help me find more relevant links based on what I've already bookmarked. (You can down the road create a sponsored "similar site" where companies pay to be listed as a "similar site").

5. The "move" function asks me to "Select board in which you want to add the widget" but doesn't allow me to move the group anywhere. The drop-down is also blank.

6. This was probably on purpose? but in your notes section it says "write som notes" My slight-OCD would be greatly thankful if you changed it to "some" lol

I'm sure I can come up with more, but have to run!

@jaketruman Thanks so much for your feedback :)

The signup process is actually becoming even easier as we speak. With an option for individual users to just sign in with Facebook or Google!

1. Affiliate is a plan further down the line :)

2. This is absolutely our plan. Making it easy for you to integrate Trello or other SaaS that you use many times a day. Since i cant say i know of any SaaS that can do this. Tixio will make it easier for you to visually organize all your online tools and apps and share it with you team.

3. Well free is what you see now. Maybe not the wiki in the feature. All the larger new features will be in paid plans. But also all improvements like drag and drop to the bookmark widgets will also be to the free plan. The structure will be like Slack. But the next step for payment will not be that large. We are thinking 2 euro per user per month. So for now there only is free.

4. Nice idea :) Similar site can be a new feature :) Also we are planning to have an option to set up the chrome extention to bookmark to a specific widget.

5. Hmm... it works fine for me :) If you would like we could do a screen share, and have a look. I assume you have multiple board to move it to.

6. Will do :) The plan is to get someone to go over the hole page before launch

Best regards
Used it 3 month now, and this is my startpage, and the site i use most times over the day. I am realy looking forward to set up my company wiki! And i am looking forward for new features in the future.
I like the look of it but there is much emphasis on teams that I can only assume it will offer little to no value to an individual working alone, not part of a team.
@ianmayman - This is true, we put a lot of emphases on team. But out of all the users, there are more individual users right now. So I believe they see some value in it :) And soon we will have features like Public URL. Then you can share with friends or customers easier too.

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