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StartupWatching is focussed on empowering entrepreneurs worldwide to do greater things and build awesome companies. We do this by collecting and curating knowledge, inspiration and background stories for startups from around the web.

You can also tip us off about great content via the Website or Twitter (@startupwatching), and get credited when we share it. This can be from someone that has inspired you or your own content you think is worth sharing. Each week we'll send out a digest with the top 5 pieces.

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Hey there!

I'd love to hear what you think of the concept so far, just reply here or email me!

Thanks :)
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@bramk Looking forward seeing this launch! Will this be integrated with Startup Stash somehow or is it a completely different product? Any lessons you learned launching Startup Stash you're applying here?
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@marckohlbrugge Thanks Marc! This will be a completely different product. See of it as Techmeme but for startup related content. I'm building this together with the amazing guys van The biggest lesson I learned from Startup Stash is to share my idea early, here it is :)

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