Build Software without any code, using blocks of logic, in Plain English


Build Software without any code, using blocks of logic, in Plain English

Sparkster is a platform that enables you to create sophisticated software without any code, by simply dragging and dropping blocks of logic in Plain English! The use cases are inclusive of but not limited to, Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain Technologies. Sparkster can be utilized by Enterprise users, to quickly and easily create workflows, web apps and dashboards, Entrepreneurs, to get their MVP's to market faster and cheaper, and the hobbyist maker community realize their passions. Sparkster removes the need for technical expertise and focuses on the non-technical user, to help anyone and everyone realize their dreams, and ultimately make them a reality

We are seeking 10-15 Users to Beta Test the Sparkster Platform. The time commitment is 2-4 hours a week, 4-8 weeks, we are flexible and willing to work around respective schedules.

Additionally we are pleased to be announcing The Sparkster Innovation Fund, as part of The Sparkster Foundation. This is a $1M Fund to support the best ideas to be implemented using the Sparkster Platform.

As a token of our appreciation, we will prioritize applications for the first 10 Beta Test Users for the Sparkster Innovation Fund.

The deadline is this Friday, 09/14 (or obtaining the 10 Testers, whichever comes first).

Best of Luck!

Warm Regards,

Shabeer Kirmani
PhD Candidate, MS, PMP
Vice President & Chief Evangelist
[email protected]
Can we design and implement powerful API and IoT Services ?
@ArnaSoftech Yes, you can design and implement Powerful AI, IOT, Multi Chain (Ethereum, IOTA, etc.), for REST APIs with NO CODE, and create Beautiful HTML interfaces.

We have official business partnerships with Libelieum and ARM in the IoT space.
To Participate, simply send an email to [email protected] - RE: Beta Test

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