Sound Off

Mix revisions made easy

Sound Off is a service that makes it easy for music producers to receive feedback from their clients / friends on the tracks and mixes they've created. Users can leave comments which are time-specific so everyone knows exactly which part of the song is being talked about. Users are able to upload every version of their track in a simple, organized manner. Tracks, comments, and revisions are archived forever allowing users to create an organized catalog of their work.

Sound Off eliminates the hassle of sending separate track revisions through email over and over, with clients and producers having to search through their inboxes to find the right versions.

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I can imagine this is especially useful for podcasters who work with an audio technician or co-host and want to collaborate on the editing process.

@mijustin @EspreeDevora you guys do quite a bit of podcasting. Do you collaborate on your audio files with anyone? If so I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on Sound Off.
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@marckohlbrugge currently I do everything myself. Podcasts are usually edited by the host, or, sent to a 3rd party editor. Very little collaboration though.
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@mijustin Ah right, thanks for the follow up. I guess podcast edits are straightforward enough that there's no reason to get someone else's input then. Makes sense :+1:
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Have you got a pricing plan that accounts for penniless hobby bands? Freemium would be best of course, but not everyone is as fond of that model as I am.
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@jasonology Hey, the free version allows for up to 5 tracks and MP3 uploads. You are welcome to delete tracks as you need to keep the count 5 or less. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions

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