The first invoicing platform of its kind powered by SME credit scoring data


The first invoicing platform of its kind powered by SME credit scoring data

Solna is the smarter invoicing tool for smarter companies. The first platform of its kind to be powered by credit scoring data, Solna speeds up the payment process and provides you with more confidence in your cash flow.

Through leveraged credit data, that is overlaid on the platform's invoicing functionality, users get a clear picture of their customer's financial health and overall exposure to risk. The automated credit control functionality automatically chases the any overdue invoices, freeing up time (and sparing you the awkward conversations) so you can focus on growing your business.

Holla folks! I'm one of the co-founders at Solna.

Solna was built with the goal of ensuring freelancers and small business get paid for the services they provide, which sadly doesn't always happen today 😢. We want to arm even the smallest business with the tools, process and insights in order to turn their passion into profit. With that in mind, we've built a product that does the following:

- Send invoices in a flash ⚡️
- Customise invoices to match their companies brand 💁🏻
- Track invoices to if your customers have viewed them 👀
- If you send lot's of invoices, automate sending reminders so that you don't have to 😍
- Give you access to millions of SMEs credit scores, so that you can better predict if your customers are even in a position to pay you 😱

The app is completely FREE and the invoicing portion will always remain so. It's currently built for UK companies but we are looking to internationalise it, so would love to hear feedback on if you find it useful at all for your respective locale.

Let us know what you like, don't like and would like to see in the future.

Solna was a godsend for us. We're a small multifaceted team with an extensive client base. Solna was amazing because it's yet another new tool in the vast sea of tools we use, but it was quick to login and get going doing exactly what it says on the tin... Sending beautiful invoices.

The Creditworthiness facility is a great little add-on as well, giving an extra layer of security before accepting clients.
We loved Solna. We've been using it for a few months now. As a small team with a lot of clients we found it difficult keeping track of our invoices. Most of our stockist are on a net 90 plan and using spreadsheets to chase invoices 90 days later was a hassle. With our workload things just slip under the radar causing us cash flow problems. Basically Solna is a life saver. It does the chasing for us!! putting our invoicing on autopilot :)
Keeping up with our invoicing used to be a drag. Then Solna came into our lives :). Love the Credit function it gave us a little more power in deciding who to do business with then we just invoiced our clients automatically. It's so easy. I literally did all my months invoicing over lunch. Glad I joined the Solna Fam

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