A simple AI-powered social media lead generation tool


A simple AI-powered social media lead generation tool

SMleads is a simple social media lead generation tool powered by AI. With SMleads, businesses can generate qualified leads from different social platforms. Our algorithm identifies only authentic leads with buying intent and delivers them in real-time. SMleads scores each lead delivered. The value of every lead is time bound which reduces by the hour. Sales need not waste precious time interacting and filtering junk leads out. It is a comprehensive solution that delivers genuine leads through social channels.

Currently, SMleads can get qualified leads from Twitter. Other social media platforms will be added in the future.

Seems interesting , can you say how this works , if i am having a starting out a new CRM product and i need leads from twitter ..
Hi James

We have developed an AI based engine. Based on the keywords that you give, we search through Twitter for possible matches. The platform then analyzes these tweets for buying intent. Higher buying intent detected by our engine is a qualified lead which will be delivered to you.

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Awesome! Really cool stuff you got there! Expecting your product release.
Thanks Lily.. Will keep you posted.

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