All-in-one HR platform for business


All-in-one HR platform for business

RallyHR is an all-in-one HR platform delivering HRIS, performance management, employee engagement, and hiring. Designed specifically for small to mid-sized companies, it's intuitive, fun and your employees will love it.

It’s great for HR managers, executives and employees bringing everyone into a centralized platform along with your records and files, HR processes, performance management, employee engagement and applicant tracking. Increase employee engagement with our review surveys and peer to peer praise. Increase performance with effective one-on-one management tools and align your staff with company-wide objectives and OKR management.

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We started RallyHR to address a problem we’ve faced in building and growing companies, namely that the HR tools available to us were not intuitive, flexible or well integrated. At its core RallyHR centralises all of your HR tools, automates common workflows and assists your managers in engaging and mentoring staff.

Whether you are a startup hiring your first staff, or a mid-sized company with too many tools that don’t integrate, you can setup RallyHR in minutes, and start simplifying your onboarding, time off, one-on-ones, objectives and hiring processes. Automate away the repetitive work, so you can focus on doing great work.

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