Make sense of your SaaS trials, so that you can convert more of them


Make sense of your SaaS trials, so that you can convert more of them

OnboardFlow helps you make sense of your trials so that you can convert more of them.

Visualise your trials in a whole new way and easily see what your Trial Users are doing and how they are engaging with your product. Identify key activities that are either underused (and thus need addressing) or that turn out to be critical to the conversion rate. Keep an eye on overall Trial Activity, Product Adoption and even the marketing sources responsible for producing your trials in the first place. Your OnboardFlow dashboard will quickly become your teams new critical resource.

Hi there,

Thanks for checking OnboardFlow out :)

I run a 3 other SaaS companies and something that I've always struggled with is visibility over the trial signups we have - but more crucially than that, visibility on what our trials are doing and whether we're actually getting them to engage with the product.

OnboardFlow was created to help solve this need. Right now, as part of the beta, we have two main screens - the Trial Flow area where you can visualise all active trials in a familiar CRM / Trello / Column style approach (making it super easy for you and your team to see how many are in the pipeline and what they've done so far).

And secondly, a rich dashboard to keep track of things on a high level (such as how many trials you've brought in this month and what your conversion rate is). We also provide charts on the adoption rate of your key events (helping you answer important questions such as 'what percentage of our trials users invite a team member'). And once you start tracking metrics via our Tracker script for each trial (such as how many team members a they have invited) we then help answer questions such as, the average number of team members that a trial will invite during their trial - and how that compares with the average number that a converted trial will invite.

This is just the beginning though - we have big plans over the coming weeks and months so I hope you'll join us on this journey and take advantage of the platform being free whilst it's in beta ;)

I hope you like what we've come up with here. If there are any questions I'm happy to answer them.

Thanks šŸ™Œ
@bendell I was looking for my two SaaS similar kind of apps. We're going into beta in upcoming month.
@CrunchyDonut1 sounds good! Iā€™m here if you have any questions along the way.

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