Sync all your lead sources in one place


Sync all your lead sources in one place

OhMyLead is an all-in-one lead management software that synchronizes every lead sources in one place and automates the pre-qualification process

Make the most of your Facebook Leads Ads by connecting your pages and forms. No need anymore to go on Facebook in order to get your stats, reports, and leads. We let you connect your WordPress website with Ohmylead throughout the Gravity Forms plugin. Optimize your lead effort by gathering all your WordPress results. But discover also the possibility to create in seconds a landing page, a web forms that you can integrate anywhere on the web (your own landing page), add your own spreadsheets, and soon your own LinkedIn leads Ads

We want to offer one free month for those who join the slack test channel here and write down their mail with the code OHMYBETALEAD and Two additional week for each bugs detected.

Hi everyone, Hi Betalist !

I'm Axel, Growth Hacker. My team and I are super proud to be featured on Betalist.

What we're trying to do is to simplify the lead processing by connecting every lead sources possible and optimize the qualification process thanks to automation:

- Create automated notifications and confirmations to optimize your engagement
- Analytics that let you know which sources generate the most qualified leads
- A silk pre-qualification interface that will let you increase the chance to convert a lead into a new client

Meet us on Slack, give all your feedbacks in no time in your favorite message platform: https://bit.ly/2RYEyLf

Thanks in advance for everything, feedbacks, support, ideas...

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