Relive your memories whenever you want by adding a song and a place

Notemine is a new way to capture the past and make all your memories, such as a song, place, date and photo, unique. Whether it's your first kiss or the best vacation you've ever had, with Notemine you can associate your memories with a song and a place and relive them whenever you want.

Notemine was created precisely around these very personal and shareable memories. None of us are without memories that take us on a personal journey. Travel with Notemine inside your memories and relive the emotion of the moment through music. You can share all of your special memories or you can export your playlist to Spotify. Rate the memories of others and compete to get into the top 5.

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We are almost there. Be ready :)
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Looks cool, love the idea of memory with music. Do you need Spotify Premium for this? Not so sure about the rating system, can I have private memories as well?
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Hi @avizuber! Thank you very much for your interest.
About Spotify Premium is not required for Notemine.
We do not still have any personal memories yet but I'm working to get it soon.
Rating system consist of liking or disliking the memories that you prefer. In relation with the number of likes we can have the Top 5 hits.
It is not escluded to put up as periodic awards for the Top 5 scored memories.

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