Breakout rooms for more efficient & transparent online communication


Breakout rooms for more efficient & transparent online communication

MixerChat is an online communication web tool to improve your remote & hybrid working cultures!

Join a virtual space for discussions with “breakout rooms” where you can hop to smaller groups & discuss different topics seamlessly. Also, it’s so flexible that you can join meetings, syncs, and chats on-the-go with your phone!

I really like MixerChat to facilitate our hybrid team meetings!

Especially we could flexibly switch between different breakouts, and join discussions anywhere! (just tap a link on Mobile, no need to install app!)
Wow, MixerChat really makes the online meetings much more efficient! Our team used the "breakout room" feature to discuss different topics at once! Very time-saving.

A suggestion: I wish it can support different backgrounds for the users
Game Changer. No more annoying random breakout rooms from meet. I love the freedom to hop around different rooms during discussions - just like in-person discussions!
Like the Breakout Room feature!
I have been facilitating workshops with MixerChat and had a great experience with it. The breakout feature is super fast and organic - learners can take control of the learning experience by organising themselves into small groups, move freely between chat rooms and starting breakout rooms of their own. Very intuitive interface!
As a PM, I need to host many meetings with breakout discussion and MixerChat make it a lot easier. No need to install or sign up, just use a link and we can join from either computer or mobile.
Awesome! Really like the way I can join different topics smoothly and seamlessly! Very useful and handy for hybrid working environment
My team has been using it for breakout rooms. Very useful and flexible for remote or hybrid teams!
Tried it yesterday and it turned out super convenient! Literally no wait time when you switch between rooms! Would definitely recommend for anyone who likes free form discussions!
Having breakout rooms really help our discussion, it’s AMAZING!!! It’s much easier and faster for people to join their interested discussions with MixerChat. It also save our hosts energy to focus more on discussion itself instead of facilitating the process.

As a study group host, I have tried lots of meeting platform. I feel that compared to Google meet, it gives attendees more mobility and visibility to move around group discussion. While compared to Gather, it’s also faster and easier to use on mobile.

Would definitely recommend MixerChat and use it again if there is any needs on group discussion / rotation!
We use it for the daily scrum.

It's super convenient when you want to discuss with certain people after the scrum, all you need to do is setup a new breakout room and invite them!

I can also hop around to hear what other people discuss about, so I can have the better context for the current project.

There is no other app can achieve this level of flexibility! Even better, MixerChat is a web app, no need to install, supporting both PC and mobile.

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