Attach stories and messages to places #tnwboost


Attach stories and messages to places #tnwboost

Krumb allows you to attach stories and messages to places, but keep in mind: a ‘krumb’ is only viewable exactly where you drop it. When dropping a krumb, you decide how long it will be visible (maybe forever?) and who’ll be able to see it.

Share or discover local tips ‘n tricks, magical moments with friends, geofenced promotions, hidden local gems or historical facts about your exact location. You can drop krumbs as a memory for yourself, drop krumbs for informing others or drop krumbs for next generations, but most of all: drop krumbs because it’s fun!

Part of TNW Boost

Hello Betalisters!

We're super excited to hear your feedback. Krumb is free to download for iOS and Android, so go ahead and try it out.

Take in mind that the viewable range of a krumb is a few 100 meters (or yards). That means there's still a lot of 'un-krumbed' territory in the world. So go ahead and share something about your location, wherever you are.

We're here to answer your questions!
Hi guys, I did a similar App some moths ago, alone. It wasn't succesful. I turned into a game, some messages where divided into visible and hidden text and you had to reach the GPS point in order to see them completely, message could point between them and many more features, please send me a private message via twitter if you'd like me to explain you my story ;)
Pictures/Screenshots look great.
Good luck !
Hi Lau,

Sounds like a very similar app. Luckily Krumb goes a little bit 'wider'. You can choose whether to drop a krumb privately or publicly and we also want people to share information about surroundings. Basically everyone can contribute to the collective memory of a location.

Would love to hear your story about your app. Thanks for taking a look at Krumb.

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