An interactive marketing planning tool for B2B Start-ups


An interactive marketing planning tool for B2B Start-ups

Immerj is an interactive marketing planning tool designed exclusively for B2B Start-ups. With interactive tools, guided resources, video training and much more, immerj helps Start-up marketers get to grips with their marketing and plan awesome marketing activities and content.

Not only does it help Start-up marketers to create better plans, but it also helps them develop their strategy skills at the same time. So marketers get the training that they need, and start-ups get the marketing strategies that they need - win, win!

Use the discount code immerjfriend to get 10% off the PRO version at checkout

Guys, you may also be interested in this Free Startup Marketing Course that goes with immerj: https://mailchi.mp/immerj/startupmarketingcourse

It's completely free and takes you through the core foundations of Startup Marketing each week via email.
Great idea but I refuse to do a trial of anything without upfront understanding of how much it will cost me in the beginning. Too much of a hook and bait scheme when companies do not display it at all.
@JacePerry completely understand, I’m the same!
The course is 100% free - it’s via email each week so doesn’t cost a thing.

The main immerj tool also works on a fremium model rather than a free trial. Certain aspects are free, others are paid for, which are the more premium features.

It’s by no means hook and bait, just that software costs money to build and market. My rationale is free for what I can afford, paid for where it adds more value and also costs more money to develop.
Oh, and the pricing is pretty simple itself - $35 per month before the discount, $31.50 per month after, and that’s forever too, not just a trial.

I’m just in the process of updating the pricing page on the website although I’ve had mixed feedback on whether or not to actually display it there.
Interested to see how this goes. If you would like some free advice on how to target new markets I have some ideas! Feel free to send me a message :)
@GuerrillaGCO Thanks! What field are you in?
@EmmaMoly I own a creative agency & consultancy called GuerrillaGorilla. We specialise in helping start-ups (mostly tech companies) understand their target customer, build proto-communities of users and increase their user base through non paid-advertisting (as well as providing traditional marketing services). I think Immerje could benefit from targeting enteurpenial and start-up communities online. Send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I can go into more details :) , Kristian

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