All your contacts and links are on one site


All your contacts and links are on one site

Hipolink is a service for creation of the microsite for Instagram. It allows you to add all the ways to connect with you to one page, and link of Hipolink to Instagram. Service features are: 11 messengers, 13 social networks, button-links to the site, application form, callback, photos, videos, text, avatar. Visually, you can customize the page on your own: change the background, text style, buttons.

Hi! Happy to be on BetaList with our product! Thanks @ for hunting)

Instagram allows you set up one link in your profile. This is the only one place where you can hook an audience and transfer it to the right page.

Therefore, this link in the profile should be as useful as possible: lead to your contact and give maximum information.This is the problem that the service Hipolink.net solves. Now you can set up one «Hipolink» link in the Instagram bio, and place all the necessary information on this page. You can add messengers, social networks, phone, email for communication, photos, videos, application form and many other things.

Visually, you can customize the page for yourself. You can change the style of text, buttons, background. Also, we are implemented a powerful analytics of the page. It’s possible to watch the number of unique visitors to the page, as well as track the number of clicks on the various buttons to adapt your page and to move the most sought-after buttons up.

Using the Add-ons section, you'll be able to set up Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Telegram notifications.

We have been working on this service for a long time and we hope you enjoy our product. If you have any questions, just ask us, we will be happy to answer :)


For all, who came from Betalist, we give 14 days maximum plan. For getting it, enter promo code “HUNT” on Prices and Plans page.
Very useful product to collect all you need in one place :) Thanks guys :)

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