The Perfect App for Dog Lovers


The Perfect App for Dog Lovers

HakiTo is the First Mobile App that helps you keep track of all your dog’s activities from daily meals and exercise to annual vet visits by sending reminders for all.

Hi Beta List Dog Lovers,

Happy New Year to everyone and wishing you a fantastic year in front of you!

HakiTo was designed and developed for you. Our mobile app will help you keep your dog healthy and happy.

Some interesting features that are going to be available on our Mobile App:
- Keep track of all your dog’s activities, from daily meal to the next vet appointment
- Gamification system to remind you when you’re doing an awesome job
- Professional Health Tips from Vet Doctors and Dog Trainers so you can take better decisions and improve your dog health

We're going to launch a closed beta test early next month for a limited number of users, so don't forget to visit our site and register on the Form.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you and Puppy Love!

Best regards,
Ionut Danifeld
Co-Founder HakiTo
[email protected]
This sounds like a really cool idea! Looking forward to the release! One question - what about support for multiple dogs? I have two dogs and it would be cool if the app could support several profiles.
@PoliteChris Hi Kristaps. Great question. You can add multiple dogs and for e.g. if you give a meal to one dog, a pop-up will appear to ask you if you want to add the same activity your other dogs.
Also, you are going to be available to track all of the data individually.

Hope this answered your question!
Amazing!!! So excited :D I just recommended it to all my friends with dogs. I have a lot of friends with dogs ;) haha Cannot wait!! I want early access. Well done @danifeld
@Aloubier Thank you Andrea. We are going to keep posted everyone!
This is so cool. Can't wait for to test it. Congrats and good luck!

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