Beautiful + powerful analytics for everyone


Beautiful + powerful analytics for everyone

HackerMetrics generates beautiful reports from your google analytics data, allowing you to save a huge amount of time extracting the right information and get back to doing whatever it is you do best. HackerMetrics is completely customisable to suit your website or apps data, allows you to export PDF's and PowerPoint / KeyNote presentations of your data, and provides insightful daily, weekly or monthly email notifications to give you an overview on how your metrics are going.

Hey Everyone!

Super happy to have another product here on Beta List.

HackerMetrics was built to help you make sense of your data, and help you make decisions to grow your website or app.

We can only take 100 Beta Testers at this stage so get in quick! You will need to be using Google Analytics on your website / app?

I'm here to answer any questions you may have!
When you say HackerMetrics "extracts the right information", what does that mean? Do you choose which data to extract, or do I have to specify it myself?
@marckohlbrugge The aim is that with one click we generate a great looking report based on the information we know is going to be most useful to you. However one size never fits all, so being able to make adjustments to the data you want to display is functionality I are am finishing off now. HackerMetrics wants to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what is happening on your site/app, how this has changed over time, and help provide insight into what you need to do to improve.
@dylankbuckley Google Analytics is a little overwhelming so having a summary would be nice indeed.

What's the long-term play? It wouldn't be too hard for someone to create their own dashboard/report in Google Analytics with just the info they need, I think?
@marckohlbrugge What we have found is that for a high number of users, creating custom reports in GA is simply too overwhelming / filled with jargon. For our base product the target market is bloggers, small SaaS companies, independent pages etc. We want to go further than just generating pretty reports on your screen, including making these useable. One click export to PowerPoint / KeyNote / PDF. This will make your life so much easier if you are responsible for reporting back on how things are going. We are also experimenting with insights. Eg if the bounce rate is super high, explaining in simple english what this means and offering suggestions as to improvement. Another big step we are going to start testing next week is our agency product. Agencies will be able to provide their clients with a login to a self-branded portal where they can display everything that their clients need to see, without them logging into GA.

Basically I really hope we can go beyond just tidying up the GA interface. There is no much value to be added in terms of an analytics products for a huge amount of people on the web.
@dylankbuckley Makes sense. The Insights feature sounds like something I would use. Reminds me of Skylight.io (practical insights) versus New Relic (nitty gritty details).
Do share more screenshots please. The ones above are extremely basic and would be better to stick to GA actually.
@daryllau Thanks Daryl. Yes I can send some more screenshots through to BetaList for them to add. We have graphs detailing sessions/users and their behaviour, as well as you being able to customise everything you see. The key thing about HackerMetrics is we have made this considerably easier than using GA for the majority of people who just want to get on with building / running their site, and not wanting to become a GA expert in the process. The response we have received so far has been amazing. Over 120 people have requested access, and 80 are logged in and feeding back ideas / suggestions. What would you like to see in HackerMetrics?
@dylankbuckley Hi Dylan.. thanks for the quick reply. Would love to see more of the sample reports besides the ones above especially from an ecommerce perspective would be awesome.
@daryllau No problems Daryl. The ecommerce report is still in very early testing stages. This will be live in the beta in probably 2 weeks all going well. If you signup to the beta you will receive an email when this milestone is hit.
@dylankbuckley Sounds great Dylan and will do. Cheers!
Cool checking out the site now.
@raajmenon Thanks Raaj! Would love to hear your initial feedback at this early stage of the beta.
@dylankbuckley thanks mate. Happy to report any issues etc.

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