Expert analysis of your traffic, UX, revenue & competitors in just 7 days


Expert analysis of your traffic, UX, revenue & competitors in just 7 days

GrowthLook is a quick-turnaround service for SaaS startups that provides easy ways to grow revenue. Within 7 business days, you get a customized & actionable growth report that includes a custom UX walkthrough video of your website & app, a statistical analysis of traffic & revenue trends from an experienced SaaS marketer & product strategist, and much more.

All for one flat fee! No hourly rates, annual contracts, or other entanglements. Just focused actionable advice on how to grow your SaaS business.

Use the secret word SQUANCH and save $100!

Hi Jason! Nice to see your product launching on Betalist :)
Thanks very much Jiaqi - thrilled to be here! =)
Hi everyone - I'm thrilled to be published here on Betalist! I created GrowthLook after my experience as the product and marketing manager for a team that built and monetized 8 different SaaS products, including Hello Bar (acquired by Hiten Shah, and Neil Patel), and Filament.io (acquired by ShareThis). In talking to a large number of SaaS business founders, they've all described the same problem to me: "I have such limited resources, so how do we grow, and where should we focus?"

I decided to use what I learned to create GrowthLook - a package of proven analysis techniques that I've found to be highly effective at finding the best growth opportunities for SaaS businesses. It includes a detailed UX walkthrough video of your website and app, a statistical analysis of your traffic and revenue, a competitive analysis, and an assessment of your pricing model.

I love keeping things simple, so you can get all these services for one flat fee, and it's typically turned around in just 7 business days, so there's no long, drawn-out consulting engagements, or weird hourly rates and boring timesheet approvals.

Check out the page, and definitely let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer!
Love what you're doing, Jason! Keep up the fantastic work!!!
@iamjankoch Thanks man! You know me, always just trying to share what I've learned 😉
So great to see you've finally launched this Jason :) Have been waiting for this for a while! I love your work. Keep it up!
@JuhanKaarma Thanks very much, Juhaan! Yeah, it took a while to get the recipe just right... ;)
This looks amazing. Exactly what I need to solve my startup issues.
@LiamBroza hehe, I can't claim to have solved startups, but i can usually point you in the right direction 😉
Looks great Jason! You're going to make a lot of developers some good money ;-)

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