Conversion Rate Optimisation Tool.Built by worlds 5th largest FB agency


Conversion Rate Optimisation Tool.Built by worlds 5th largest FB agency

FloPanda will notify you when your website is not converting, show you exactly what's wrong and allow you re engage with users who did not convert in less than 5 minutes of logging into your dashboard. You can send better quality traffic to your sites with the Facebook and PPC tools. This makes FloPanda the ultimate CRO tool built by marketers for marketers.

FloPanda will do this by: 1: Recording and Analysing the behaviour of website visitors: Receive email and sms notifications when your website conversion rate drops! Quickly identify exactly what's causing people to leave your website. This is done with visual tools that highlight where people drop off your forms, experience errors on your page and get frustrated. See specific user journeys and recordings as well as heat maps and more! 2: Presenting opportunities where you can optimise and scale campaigns and re engage with people that do not opt in: Capture 15%+ more customers by accessing and downloading the data of those who engage with your opt in forms, but do not fully submit a lead or purchase a product. Send better quality traffic by Identifying what key words and phrases are contributing to your sales and leads for both online and offline points of sale. When running advertisements from Facebook you can identify users by their specific actions on the page and see how they behaved. FloPanda will break this traffic down by campaigns, ad set and ad names.

Its a fantastic optimization tool and enables me to monitor the website and see what needs tweaking to make it more profitable
@bluebluemoon39 Thanks for your feedback Jo! It's great to have you as an early adopter!
Thank you for checking out FloPanda...

We spent over £36m on paid advertising and generated 4.7 million leads while building and testing this platform!

We're excited for you to now use FloPanda to help you get greater returns on your paid advertising!

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this product is what my business has been missing.
@deenosa101 Hi Deen, thank you for your feedback!
Amazing product! I'm so impressed... would highly recommend!
@Lady_Bethan95 Thank you for your feedback Bethan!
I just signed up today and am setting up the tracking code! Thanks for sharing!
@whuskye Thank you Skye! Great to have you onboard. If you need anything feel free to contact me on [email protected]
Best tool to track traffic and user behavior on your site. it helps owner of site to know where user is paying more intention and from there they are dropping which helps owner to made further changes in his application to make that more user friendly. (Y)
@MianUmairUAT Thank you for becoming an early adopter! Great to have you on the platform your feedback is great!
FloPanda can help you to secure your funding!
You can literally track everything that happens on your website, from where the visitor originated, the product they saw, the product they bought, everything!!
You are able to track your customers, see the products they are interacting with.
One of the best feature is "Website Issues", where you can get all the details related to Forms i-e Total no. of Form Submits, Click Rages and Click Errors etc.
@Shaheer6261 Thank you for your feedback! glad to hear you are loving FloPanda! Feel free to contact at [email protected] if you need anything !!
This flopanda design look so creative and awesome. I want to test it on my blog of camping Axe reviews here https://bestaxeguide.com/best-camping-axe/

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