Photo & Collage Editor tailored for small businesses, recruiters & HRs


Photo & Collage Editor tailored for small businesses, recruiters & HRs

FIBE is tailored for small businesses owners, recruiters and HRs who are less interested in actual photo editing, while still seeking for a simple yet powerful tool to convey their message. Such audience is one of the biggest groups of premium LinkedIn users and ad campaign administrators on the vast majority of social networks.

With custom photo cutouts and precise object placement, created job announcements and products promotions will look professional and can be shared directly from the app. Editable patterns which come in different shapes and on selected layer is another thing we are proud of, allowing users to create unique design compositions.

Looks interesting, will give it a try later!

Some feedback on your presentation: it took a while for me to understand what's the purpose of FIBE is. Maybe be more specific and short in your texts and show examples of content created with your app?

Example: You could shorten the text on your website and focus on the essentials.

"The unique solution for rapidly emerging visual content market across various social media platforms. It gives the opportunity for individuals to brand their product and business while pre-made templates allows users to share their message in minimal time and effort."


"Create beautiful and effective social media content on the go. With FIBE's intuitive interface and customizable templates you don't need any design skills."

Hope this helps!
@dense_design Hi, thanks for your feedback, it means everything to us! We’re already planning how to redesign our home page so it would have more templates examples rather than text.
Did you give FIBE a try? We're sure your feedback on our editor would be of great value to us.

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