Get all the marketing power for less than $1 a day


Get all the marketing power for less than $1 a day

EngageBay offers SEO tools, email marketing campaigns, marketing automation, email sequences, landing pages, web forms and social media monitoring - all from one simple platform.

Sign up for beta and get all the marketing power for free. After the beta, the paid plans start at less than $1 a day. Say goodbye to multi-tool chaos and expensive all-in-one marketing platforms and, say hi to EngageBay - a simple, affordable all-in-one marketing platform built for small businesses.

The product is free to use until April 15, 2018. After beta completion, the first 500 Beta List users will get a flat 50% off on all our paid plans

Thanks for featuring us @BetaList!

We have been working on Engagebay for the last year after struggling with using and managing multiple marketing solutions and keeping all of them in sync. Not to mention dealing with other challenges – data inconsistencies, reporting issues, integration complexities, multiple logins and interfaces, cumulative expenses of these solutions and lot more. It was just getting chaotic and out of control.

We looked at several other solutions but found that most of them were unaffordable (one of them was even around $10k a year). This seemed too steep for small businesses and most entrepreneurs getting started.

So we decided to create a simple, all-in-one marketing solution for small businesses and make it affordable for everyone.

Sign up today and power your marketing up!

We’ll be here all day answering questions! We’re going to continue refining this system, so we'd appreciate any and all feedback ([email protected]).

Happy marketing, folks!
This looks good. I have far too many business owner friends who've been looking for an affordable software like this. Will recommend highly.
Congrats on the BetaList launch! I love the product so far–great deal considering how expensive HubSpot is.

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