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DODEKA is a musical innovation that combines an alternative music notation with new musical instruments to make music accessible to everyone! Learning and playing music has never been so simple with DODEKA!

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Why put this on Betalist after the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled? Also am I right to think this doesn't work with standard keyboard configurations and so requires buying a new keyboard from you on which I'll learn to play more effectively but won't be able to play on standard keyboards?
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@ianmayman hi Ian thanks for your comment. It's just bad timing- we submitted our startup about a month ago and only got featured yesterday - in the meantime we cancelled our Kickstarter because we noticed we weren't going to make it. However, we are still working on this project and are thinking about launching a new campaign in the coming months.
To answer your question: DODEKA notation works with every instrument (including standard keyboards) but our new keyboard layout makes it easier and more intuitive to play. If you haven't done it, you can try it there
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@DODEKA_music It seems to me like you ended the campaign prematurely. I looked at the link you gave but there are no instructions on that page, most times I pressed the wrong key.
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@ianmayman yes it was perhaps prematurely - but we knew we could do better with more attractive and affordable rewards!

Here's a very short video that will help you Let us know it goes!

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