Unlimited graphic & web design for a monthly flat fee


Unlimited graphic & web design for a monthly flat fee

Dizzzzy is design studio that offers unlimited designs and revisions for a flat monthly rate. We're great for small-medium companies that just need some extra design help every month. Currently we have a Early Bird plan for $599/month.

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How can that possibly work? Let's say I am a designer (well, I am) and have a few clients that need a website done. I charge them 3.000$ per site and then let you design everything for 599$? Even if there are e.g. 5 websites, 3 logos and a 100 page brochure? Doesn't sound realistic to me. Except you're working with 10 designers from South East Asia who you pay 50$ for a project, which would obviously be a shame.
I think the idea is great for design support ... but how would you prevent the described design mining?

Thanks for the feedback Michael! I'd be happy to clarify some things:

#1 Projects and revisions are done 1 at a time, so there aren't multiple projects being worked on simultaneously. Our team does work more efficiently than average in order to try to do as much as we can for our clients but scope and complexity of needs are definitely taken into account. We're not trying to set an unrealistic bar however I do think a level of too-good-to-be-true level of service is something the industry needs.

#2 While we aren't currently working with designers in Southeast Asia one our missions is to up level talent around the globe and bring great design to more companies, organizations, and people. I think leveraging talent there and paying at market value is a way to help achieve this mission.
What about app UIs?

What is the output? PSDs, or code?
@TylerLogtenberg Hi there! We can do app UI's given the wireframes, copy, graphics and flows are provided. Output depends on the project, for web/app UI's we would deliver in something like Figma or Sketch. We don't have plans to do any coding projects at the moment so deliverables will be design files.
@TylerLogtenberg sorry I used the wrong word there, I meant more along any photos you would want to use. Of course we would provide any graphics, visualizations, illustrations, or icons for your designs that you would need.

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