Dappros Platform is your own friendly Ethereum blockchain in the cloud.

Spin up your own blockchain network. Issue tokens. Add users. Track transactions in the explorer. Experiment and create your decentralized applications via web interface or API.

Thank you for featuring us Betalist community!

Follow this link to get direct free beta access bypassing waiting list: https://app.dappros.com/register/beta-list
those first beta launches.. we're experiencing an odd issue now with server not accepting redirects from other websites

so only way to access it currently is copy this URL and paste it directly to your browser: https://app.dappros.com/register/beta-list

Apologies about inconvenience, we're working on resolving this issue
Apologies about issues with some links not working yesterday. It is all fixed now so clicking "Visit Site" button above should take you directly to beta signup page.

If anyone is curious or want to avoid similar problems - we've had some logic checking HTTP_REFERRER and it didn't play well with the content Betalist was sending to us.

Thank you all and please do play with your own private blockchain in the cloud and let us know your feedback.
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