Analytics for developer communities


Analytics for developer communities

Crowd.dev is the analytics platform for developer-focused products and their communities. Track members across any platform, analyze their activities and understand your developer audience in detail. Automate repetitive tasks like community outreach and get actionable insights for your team including product feedback, bug reports, or community details.

Our beta is 100% free for Betalist sign-ups!

Hey BetaList,

we‘re excited to introduce you to Crowd.dev. We have been building developer communities by ourselves and we know it can be hard - especially when a community isn’t growing as expected. 🙄

Our platform will help you to get an overview of your existing community, find new potential members and even automate your day to day tasks.

What problems did you have while building your community?

I’m happy to answer any questions and looking forward to your feedback! 🙏

Amazing work, looking forward to your launch!

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