See the right task, on the right place, at the right time


See the right task, on the right place, at the right time

Contextual keep you focused by showing you only tasks that you need to do—depending on why context you are in, and how much energy you have.

@marckohlbrugge Heads up! Looks like we were linking to https://getcontextual.com but you don't have SSL set up so people would receive a warning.

I've changed the URL to http://getcontextual.com but I recommend setting up SSL for extra security.
@marckohlbrugge hey Marc! Thanks for the heads up! It should be fine, because the landing page is static (http) while the app have SQL set up (https).

Once again. Really appreciate the heads up. :)
I love the concepts! However, without integrations (e. g. Todoist) and AI (assign tasks based on integrations workflow and time spending e. g. by syncing with Rescuetime app) I don't see much value in it, as the same can be achieved with labels and priorities in any todo app. I hope my feedback if helpful! "
@dragonmnl2 understandable! Can you elaborate what do you mean by integration and AI? not sure I understand fully—especially the sync with Rescuetime.

That's true, almost everything could be achieved by label and priorities.

But that's under assumption that user already know what convention and system they want to use. Then label and priorities are hacked away to build the system.

Contextual only have one way to organize the todos—by context and list (which are the same almost equals as tags in other to do app).

This has benefits:
- user doesn't need to make their own system, therefore,
- they don't need to think about managing them, instead:
- they can only do their tasks

Thanks for the insight Manuel! Would love to hear more from you :)
@philipyoungg Thanks for your reply! yes, you're right, it's a pre-configured system, I'm however more of a Hacker and I like setting up my own system :)
As for integrations:
- Todoist : I have all my tasks there already and it has some pretty neat features besides just task management. So, if a 2-way sync was possible it'd be awesome!
- Rescuetime : it's an app (web and mobile) which tracks how you spend your "digital" time and just like todoist, it provides an API to access such data. My idea is to propose which tasks to schedule when for which energy level based on patterns in time spent in digital apps of different type
@dragonmnl2 Yeah, me too! Really love configuring my own system—that's one of the reason I made this too ☺️.

-Todoist: You mean sync with another SaaS provider? (example: to Zapier, etc)
- Rescuetime: I also use this app! Oh this is the AI you're talking about. You mean showing relevant tasks automatically right?
@philipyoungg yeah, about IA you got it right and also providing some kind of auto clustering for related tasks.

about Todoist, I mean using their API to show Todoist tasks in Contextual and for example when you complete one, that's also reflected in Todoist. All todo apps allow this, I personally use todoist and I think It's also among the most popular ones.

Btw, for now I'm not using the tool but if you are really implementing some cool features I'd like to catch up later. do you have a newsletter or something like that? maybe a blog side to side with the platform, also for branding right? :)
@dragonmnl2 I don't have newsletter currently, but am now building one ☺️. Blog also under radar too! You speak my mind 😄. Needed it for SEO and product education. I'll defeinitely hit you up when either of one are ready. Appreciate the insight and conversation, Manuel. Throughly enjoyed it!

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