It's like a Google Home for Business Intelligence


It's like a Google Home for Business Intelligence

Conbi is a Google Home for your data! It uses naturally asked questions to query databases and generate presentation-ready insights in less than 3 clicks!

It's no-code and It's super simple- all you need to do is ask and Conbi will automatically query your database to gather insights and help you make data-driven decisions faster! In addition, with a single click of a button, you can create a pretty looking PowerPoint presentation with all your visualizations- No more screenshots!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for visiting us! At conbi, we are trying to break the technical barrier between people and the data-driven insights we need to make effective, timely decisions.

We use simple english to automatically write complex queries across databases and bring out visualisations to help you make sense out of your data within seconds! All you need to do is ask a question to your data exactly how you would talk to another person!

We are currently open for early-access. You can sign-up here- https://airtable.com/shrrVXcwTfLH3YDUF

Thank you once again!

Co-founder, www.conbi.io

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