Better group communication via email


Better group communication via email

Bundle makes it easy with 1 email address for your entire group. For businesses, create project specific email addresses and manage them without having to involve IT. Communicate with your study group, sports team, book club, or spiritual group. Plan a trip with friends. Coordinate your kid's next soccer game.

Mute conversations you're done with. Never forget who to CC or to hit Reply All. Beautiful conversation threads. It works right in your existing email.

Thanks for checking out Bundle!

I started building Bundle after emailing with the same groups of people over and over again. I noticed how annoying it was to 1) find a previous email to grab the list of recipients from or 2) remember who to CC every time. Inevitably someone gets forgotten or forgets to Reply All in the middle of a conversation.

Then I realized there are other problems with group email: ugly reply threads, lack of central organization for who to include, and no universal option for muting conversations you’re done with.

I believe Bundle solves all of these problems. I’m looking for your feedback and I’m particularly interested in what types of groups you email with regularly and your experience with current methods.

Sign up for the beta and hit me up on chat at bundlemail.com!

Thanks again!
Love the idea of Bundle!! I can't tell you how much time, I've wasted searching for that previous email.
@mbbertino Thanks Matt! Bundle will definitely save you some time :)

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