Discover the best journalism


Discover the best journalism

Blendle helps you find the best journalism, written by the greatest newspapers and magazines in the world. Without ads. Without paywalls. You only pay for the stories you love. And like Spotify's Discover Weekly, it gets better the more you use it.

Has profoundly changed the way I consume articles: Love to be able to pay for good articles this way. Thanks!
Proud to have such an ambitious company based in the Netherlands! Congrats on the U.S. launch guys!

@AlexanderNL would you say starting out in a smaller country like the Netherlands was an advantage? Would Blendle be where it is today if you started out in the United States rather than working your way up there?

Any insights you can share for other entrepreneurs aspiring to disrupt such a large market as journalism?
@marckohlbrugge Thanks Marc.

I think it was an advantage. Holland is big enough to do a serious test run, and small enough to get things done -- like PR and licensing deals (which would be much more complicated in bigger countries). Sometimes as a startup I think it's nice to be a big fish in a small pond.

I'd say the most important thing is: if people tell you 'no', you just keep trying. Also, it's easier to start small and trade up, with whatever you're doing.
Your aggregation model is off to a great start.

I suggest a key next step is to add volume/bundle discounts, and then consider testing FairPay participative pricing, to make your pricing even more supportive of funding journalism as widely as possible -- see http://bit.ly/1ZwJ0io (and http://bit.ly/1KXJLYL).
@rreisman Interesting stuff. My guess is that ultimately it comes down to what the publishers are comfortable with. I imagine @AlexanderNL and co have a ton of ideas, but it takes a while for publishers to warm up to new (pricing) models so you really have to take a step-by-step approach.
@marckohlbrugge you're right.

We are looking into subscriptions right now. Not just subscriptions from 1 publisher but also subscriptions to a couple of publishers together.

We're taking this step by step. The ultimate goal is to have 1 fee for unlimited access to all journalism. 😊

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