Zoho Checkout

One-time and recurring online payments solution

Zoho Checkout

One-time and recurring online payments solution

Zoho Checkout is a simple, easy-to-use tool that helps businesses of all kinds receive one-time and recurring online payments via personalized payment pages. The pages once created and set up, can be easily embedded on the user's website/online store, or shared via email and social media.

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Highlighting Features:
- Collect one-time and Recurring payments.
- Create customized payment pages. (Some of the customization options include adding company logo, changing background colors, tailoring labels and fields, and much more)
- Easily embed payment pages on website/online store, or share via email and social media.
- Integrated with multiple payment gateways.
- Integrated with MailChimp and WordPress.
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Congrats on the launch. Few questions:
1. Does the payment receiver need to have a stripe account to use this?
2. Can it receive payments from Indian users?
3. Is it a payment page builder, or a payment gateway?
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@ubiqanalytics Thanks for your wishes. :)
About your queries:

1. Yes, you need to have a merchant account to accept payments. You can create the same with Stripe, WePay or Razorpay depending on your business region.

2. If you are using Stripe or WePay and let's say your business is registered in the US, you can take payments from Indian users. They will be making the payment in USD if they have international transactions enabled for their bank account or cards. Hence, the final settlement will be in USD only.

3. It's a payment page builder that makes the payment processing easier and simpler using a payment gateway. You just need to integrate your payment gateway account with Zoho Checkout, you will then be able to create customized payment pages and embed the same on your website or send the link to your customers. We will securely pass the information to the gateway for processing the payments.

Hope this helps. Do let me know if you have any queries. You can also send an e-mail to support[at]zohocheckout[dot]com, for any further clarifications or assistance. :)

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Great service, It makes it easy to setup a payment page, and the monthly prices are very affordable. I would recommend this to everyone.

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