Epic growth tools for content marketing & SEO


Epic growth tools for content marketing & SEO

Zag.ai is a suite of tools that make it easy to get killer content ideas, find new traffic sources, monitor competitors, find entirely new keyword targets using AI, and surface meaningful insights from your data.

Created by veteran SEO's, every tool in the platform is specifically designed to extract low-hanging fruit, and find easy-to-implement growth opportunities with the highest potential ROI.

Sounds like an awesome tool. Haven't been inside it unfortunately but how does it differentiate from Aherfs, SEMrush, and other tools?
@laird_evan Thanks for asking :-)

SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic and so on are all great tools for competitive research, gap analysis, etc.

But those platforms are more of a search engine themselves - it's open-ended, and you need to provide the initial keywords/competitors to generate derivative targeting ideas, detected keywords, etc.

Not a bad thing - but we deviate by doing it a bit differently. A number of apps in Zag.ai actually connect to your own data sources (eg. Google Analytics & Search Console) to surface truly low-hanging opportunities that already show traction. As an example.

Furthermore, we have apps that can actually drive same-day traffic & promotion for your content - such as First Responders, which searches for targeted forum discussions & Q/A posts across the web in realtime (so that you can be a "first responder", adding value & referencing your content - very effective).

TL;DR: Zag.ai is designed more to surface insights vs making you find them - and is a 360 degree solution for research, discovery AND promotion. (Most platforms don't facilitate the last one).

You can see a full breakdown of all the apps here: http://pub.zag.ai/product-tour

Hope this helps :-)

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