Automate specific processes in your WordPress workflow

WPMated is a WordPress plugin that adds the ability to create specific automated tasks based on system or user actions.

With WPMated, you will be able to send notifications, delete comments, delete posts, create users, send webhooks to third-party services based on the rules you set.How many time you need to check the comments and delete the spam, with WPMated you will be able to automate this task just with the following logic: "When a comment is created, and the status is spam deleted." What about a notification? "When a user is created, and the role is something, notify somebody." WooCommerce? "When an order is created, send the order data to a third-party service." All this with an intuitive user interface as simple as if you were writing the rules. Using WPMated automation, you can now automate specific processes in your WordPress workflow within your dashboard - forget about repetitive tasks and spend time on what matters.

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