Keep social memories in your diary


Keep social memories in your diary

Votre is a people-oriented diary or journal. You can write an entry a day and mention people in your text. Votre then organizes your writing and lets you retrieve information about any person. It's like a CRM, but for keeping people, not numbers. Text is the only input and output. No social sharing.

Hi BetaList community

Keeping good relationships is hard, especially if you know too many people. Our brains are not made for remembering stories from hundreds of people.
The solution: Writing things down. A contact list with notes doesn't provide what you'd need for it, neither does writing it on paper help, since you'll never read that.

Votre aims to solve that. It's like a journal for your social life. But don't understand social wrong. It's for your eyes only.

I think Votre could be useful for pretty much everyone, but I also know that writing a journal takes time, energy and motivation, so I'm excited how you use it.

You can come to me with any kind of feedback or question.

Thanks for giving it a try 🙂

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