Video Trailer

Instantly create videos of anything you find, straight from your browser

Video Trailer

Instantly create videos of anything you find, straight from your browser

Video Trailer is a lightweight chrome extension that makes video creation super quick and easy.

Drag and drop anything you find on the web to make your own video and give people a preview of your content, just like a movie trailer. Instantly share your video to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Quite a fresh idea actually. I can see a lot of use cases in rich content article videos or reaching out to people using content as a video. Although ease of use will be key! Good luck.
Interesting concept. What's your long-term vision for this? I imagine you'll be adding support for Ken Burns effect, soundtracks, text overlays, etc?
Hi Marc, Thanks for your interest. There are certainly plans to add customising features such as the ones you've mentioned above.

initially, we want to make it as simple and easy as possible to create a video, pulling content from anywhere you want.
So that could be from mobile, web, desktop and instantly push that out to social media platforms for sharing.

There are a lot of heavy hitting tools out at the moment which do an amazing job at allowing you to create HQ videos but we find that it take a bit of time to learn and master these.

Marketing @ Video Trailer
Thanks Justin.

Hi Betalisters. It's exciting to be on here. @marckohlbrugge: Ken burns effect (zooming effect for still images) will be there for sure . We came up with this idea to add value for end users consuming content on social media.

What is it?
It is a chrome extension that lets you create a video trailer of any webpage you are on (article, landing page, betalist feature, portfolio of designs etc..). All you do is click the monkey, drag pictures/gifs from that page (or/and any other web page or desktop), add creative text (if needed) and just create a video trailer (a video) of it to be natively shared on tw/fb.

Everyone is chasing clickthroughs on twitter but it's very very hard to get clicks nowadays due to content saturation and signal/noise factors. We believe good quality content still rules and if there is a more engaging way to show that content within twitter for example, then it will be much appreciated. Videos are more engaging, play automatically (attract eyeballs instantly) and provide more content in less time. So now with video trailer, people can create a sneak peak into what that link actually contains without even clicking on it (kind of like 3d touch of iphone 6s but not quite).

We want to help people stand out on social media and use their creativity to provide more content to their end users through this video solution. And boy we have made it so easy to use it.

Release date?
We are releasing this in 3 weeks time (hard deadline internally for us).

I hope that helps everyone understand a bit more. Any feedback and further questions will be great if any.
@ripulagarwal Thanks for the additional info. I noticed our comment system removed your line breaks. I'll try and fix this tomorrow so your comment is more readable!

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