A password manager for agencies, IT departments, freelancers and teams

Vault stores accounts, passwords, instructions and team information in a secure space, with the possibility to share (also securely) the info with clients and/or collaborators. Our product's focus on simplicity makes it easy for users to manage valuable data.

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Hi Glenn, what separates you from LastPass?
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@affiliateintern Hi F.M., great question thanks!

LastPass is a great tool for personal account management imho, but lacking some features in team performance.

Vault is a central dashboard where teammates have the same accessibility over accounts. For example: we have a client where we use teamviewer to do system administration. Our team members or support team needs access to the client's computers every once and a while. When one of our regular supports is on holiday, someone else can take over in a blink, because he or she gets immediate access to account information of our client.

We see ourselves more as a password manager for teams than an additional software to remember or manage your own accounts.

I hope it answers your question. If not, feel free to hump in with more feedback!

Kind regards,


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