Quickly build image variations from your custom template


Quickly build image variations from your custom template

Stencil is a low-code tool to quickly create image variations. Design your own template or choose from preset templates, then select proper integration method to start generating images. If you do repetitive design, then Stencil is the right tool for you.

Example use case includes building marketing assets for product adverts on social media. Using automation tool like Integromat to connect the pieces together, when a product is updated in Shopify or a row is updated in Airtable, Stencil then creates images from the selected template with those information and then they are posted on social media. No human involved. There are more use cases available to read in our website.

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Hi, this is Shulhi the founder of Stencil! 👋

I've been working on this product for some time and now it is at the point where I am happy and proud to ship it. I am definitely anxious for this launch especially as a solo founder and a first time maker.

Stencil allows you to create image templates using our friendly editor and using our API, you can generate variations of the image. Task like designing multiple product posts can now be a breeze instead of repetitive tedious works. This is just one of many use cases of Stencil.

Stencil really shines when combined with automation tools like Integromat/Zapier and others to build an automated workflow. Updating your Shopify's product? Stencil can automatically generate image for your product as marketing asset and post it to social media. The possibilities are endless.

Here's how it works,

👉 Design a new template from scratch or choose from our selection of preset templates.
👉 Send API request with proper modifications.
👉 Supply an optional webhook.
👉 Your image will be generated.

I've put a lot of efforts in ensuring the process can be done without the need of code or plenty of guidance if there is some amount of code involved.

👉 Test API console comes with table of available modifications based on your template design.
👉 Built-in data editor for graph datasets. Yes, we support generating charts!
👉 Errors are user friendly and very detailed.
👉 Documentation are available with guides.

There are a lot more features coming especially revolving around automation because that's the area I am most interested in - technology as assistant.

❤️ Please give it a try. I will be around to answer questions.

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