USE Together

Collaborative screen sharing with multiple mouse cursors

USE Together lets your teammate's mouse cursors appear on your screen, making you feel you are no more alone on your machine: they can interact with you simultaneously with any app or data on your screen. Guests access your shared screen from a simple web browser without installing any software nor any plugin.

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Hey Betalisters,

Initially thought for healthcare professionals to comment images and get advices from their colleagues in real time, we have seen many other potential use cases for USE Together like easy teleworking, remote project reviews, co-designing, co-making decks and fixing powerpoint presentations or simply pair programming.

I'll be happy to answer any question, all feedback is greatly appreciated :)
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Very impressive app!
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Thank you @NadineNBone :) hope you will find it useful in your day to day work with your teams, partners or even customers! Don't hesitate to send us any feedback or ideas you might have.

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