Creating apps faster by re-using components across projects


Creating apps faster by re-using components across projects

UpMilk platform lets freelancers design + develop apps better and faster by re-using components across projects. Equipping designers with UI components and developers with code libraries to automate the repetitive tasks.

For example: a login flow is pretty standard and almost every app has one. In today's world, unfortunately, people are paying to create the login pages from scratch for every app. But UpMilk takes a different approach - we create once and then re-use it across multiple apps (with minor changes). As a result, freelancers can focus on thinking and create a better app. Faster time to market and lower costs are great side effects as well.

Hi everyone, feel free to ask me anything. (e.g: difference, process, why now etc)
Hey Victor, who're some of the clients that you guys have worked with?

Also: Why now? Why this product with UpMilk?
@TristanIsham Thanks for your questions.

Worked with a mix of clients: solo founder with just an idea, early stage startup who needs something more than an MVP and even a publicly traded company. We'll make public some of them when we launch after beta.

Why now? Because the demand for new apps is at an all-time high but the means of creating new apps has remained the same it was in 2010. It's time for a different approach in order to meet the current market needs and even create a larger market.

Not sure I get what you mean by "Why this product with UpMilk?" - can you clarify what product?
You answered my second question with your first response. I was looking for the reason by UpMilk existed as the product it is. Thanks for you answers.

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